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Konjic city is very interesting tourist destination because of geographical location, exceptional natural beauty, cultural and historical values and suitable climatic conditions. For centuries this area is a place where many different cultures, traditions and religions left their footprints and shaped Konjic's uniqueness that contributes to the value of tourist product and enriches the offer. Thanks to all of that, Konjic owns numerous natural and man-made resources for development of various types of tourism: sport and recreation tourism (rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, mountaineering), cultural and historical tourism, culinary tourism, eco-tourism, rural tourism, religious tourism.

Konjic is a city and it's a center of the municipality with the same name on the far east of the mountainous Hercegovinia, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegivinia. In 1991. the city had around 14.500 and municipality near 45.000 residents. Municipality of Konjic has one of a kind landscape streatching across 1400 km2, making it largest one in Bosnia and Herzegovinia. Resources of the municipality are:

  • agricultural and forest land
  • enormous water potential
  • large stocks of ore pyrophyllite
  • tourism capacities

Konjic is attractive because of rich nature that surrounds the city. Neretva river runs through the city center. The old town is very pleasant for walk as well as the city center that will greet you with sight of surrounding nature wherever you look. While you're in Konjic, you should definitely walk across restored stone bridge, built in 1682. From early 1900. Konjic is know for it's woodwork. The center of tourism offer of Konjic for sure is Boracko lake and Glavaticevo valey. Most of the activity in nature starts from there: hiking, camping, rafting, farm tourism, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and even paragliding.

There is around 4,160 tombs (medieval tombstones) on the teritory of Konjic municipality. That makes it one of the richest in historical and cultural heritage sense.


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